Silver Metal Headbands

Turquoise Magnasite Beads Wrapped with Dark Teal Wire on a Silver Metal Headband


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    Each of my pieces is unique. These 1-3mm wide wire wrapped stone and pearl metal headbands add a dose of good energy to everyday living. They say "fun" in a world where there is so little of that. They are well made and sturdy so can be worn every day -around the house or to the market where you may get a smile. And isn't that the point? To help each other smile a little? The wire is copper filled wrapped around real stone and pearl beads. These stones and pearls balance and center us as well as giving us positive energy. They make a great gift for your wife, teenager, friend or girlfriend for Christmas or birthday or just because you wish to bring joy into someone's lffe.If some craft work you are purchasing is a gift, you can mark it as as a gift and write a message .That message will show up on the receipt, however, the price does not go on the receipt. Free shipping to the Continental US.